Do you want your clients to google your business’ address and find your home? We didn’t think so. Instead, operate your company from our prestigious Ala Moana Center office location. Make your business look bigger without blowing up your overhead costs. Signing up is easy, we will get you started in no time!
1. Save on rent
The cost of establishing a standard office in most cities is out of the reach of small businesses. Most office spaces cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in rent every month. This makes it difficult for small businesses or start ups to set up offices in their preferred location. However by utilizing virtual offices small businesses are able to establish presence in premium locations without necessarily having to pay top dollar.
2. Reduced overhead costs
Renting a standard office requires that a business owner takes care of numerous overhead costs such as; electricity or power bills, cleaning, parking, equipment, internet etc. On the contrary, small businesses using virtual offices eliminate the responsibility of footing such bills.
Utility bills can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars, this coupled with other costs associated with running a standard office can bring down promising small enterprises. Virtual offices ensure that a small business spends little money on an office space yet at the same time it rips all the benefits of having an office.
3. Administrative support
Another very important advantage of using a virtual office for small businesses is that it eliminates the need to hire fulltime employees such as admin assistants or a customer care representatives. This is because companies that offer Virtual office services usually employ customer support or admin assistants on a fulltime service. Once you pay for a virtual office then most of your business services are outsourced to the company hosting you.
This service ensures that all calls and mail addressed to you answered or received immediately. In essence the admin support staff handles all your customer care communications needs, freeing you to concentrate your efforts on aspects that can grow or expand your business enterprise further.
4. More productive and flexible
Virtual offices give a small business owner much flexibility when it comes to routines such reporting to work every morning. A business owner can now comfortably work from home or in any remote location without worrying because all his or her administrative duties are covered. This allows business owners to focus on the most important areas of the business thereby increasing productivity in the process.